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Let’s Get Ready for RoboCup!


U.S. Open Highlights

U.S. Open highlights

Where we started

“Highlights” of our U.S. Open 2005 appearance. At that time the entire codebase was written by one student: Greydon Foil. As a bonus, some of the camera work here was done by Bowdoin alum and Google big shot Doug Vail who was at CMU at the time.

2005 Highlights

Booking it!

After some work from Octavian (shoutout to the northern bums) and Ellis last night we now move at full speed again when walking. Along with some other minor changes, our game today should be much more interesting. Tune in the the live stream at 10 and 1 to check us out.

Northern Bites 4 – RoboCanes 0

Another victory to end the day. EJ put in some last minute changes to our localization system that really helped us position on the field. It was awesome.


In our second game against Penn, both teams came out strong, scoring a goal apiece. Following that we scored an own goal (the first one in over a year). But Penn surprised everyone with an own goal of their own to tie the game. We had a promising drive at the end of the game, but it was too late and time expired with the score 2-2. We are playing again at 6 for our second match against Miami.

Northern Bites 2, RoboCanes 0

We sorted out our battery issues for our second game and managed to score two very nice and deliberate goals. Still improving for our second two games today!

Northern Bites Falter

We lost our first game to Penn 1-2. Due to the goalie not having a charged battery at the beginning of both halves, Penn took advantage of an empty net to score twice. We scored once in the second half as well.

With a new battery plan, we are taking on Miami at 11. Tune into the live stream to check it out!

Event Information

Check out to find out what’s going on this weekend

Getting Fire(fly)d Up!

The crew of Serenity will take the field together for the first time on Saturday. They seem pretty excited.

All of our robots posing for a picture!