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Field is huge!


The field has been flattened and the lines have gone on. Now we can start prepping for the US Open this coming weekend. This years field is essentially two of last year’s put next to each other. That’s a lot of new things for our robots to see.

Rolling out the (green) carpet


Today marked the beginning of the US Open. With help from Bowdoin facilities and housekeeping, the field for this year’s US Open has been rolled out. As you can see from the picture, there are quite a few wrinkles. Over the next few days the carpet will flatten (maybe get a stream cleaning) and the four sections will be joined together. The fifth section, in the background of the picture, will serve as a practice field. More updates to come!


Someone (aka Professor Chown) noted that the blog has been pretty empty lately. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

1. New robots! Our newest teammates are Nao H25s with working hands! Now that we also have Kaylee, Inara, Vera, and Simon, we have almost all of Serenity’s crew on our team.

Kaylee, Inara, Vera, and Simon!

Kaylee poses for a closeup.

2. New goals! The league rules changed, so our goals for this year look like…

New goal for this year's US Open

They’re bigger than last year’s goals and now have black nets, which is great for vision. Also, these nets won’t get tangled on lost robots who want to hang out in the goal. The field itself will be much bigger as well, with five robots per team.

3. New code architecture! Well, almost. Our message passing architecture is still a work in progress, but we’ll have it up and running for the US Open:

Almost there...

The US Open starts Friday, April 19th here at Bowdoin. We’re pretty excited to finally try out all of our new things.

Family Weekend Expo

A bit belated, but here’s a link to our family weekend videos. The lighting conditions were terrible, but we still managed to see very well and played some pretty decent soccer.




Check out our code at or click the wiki tab to get some more information!

Meeting Wednesday 8pm Searles 120. We will have food!

Video: Edinferno

Northern Bites 2 – Edinferno 3.

Video: Berlin United

Northern Bites 3 – Berlin United 0.

Team Picture

Northern Bites Classics

I realize that we still have a bunch of video to post, in the meantime, here are some classics to keep you busy.

Drew Carey visits RoboCup in 2006 and the Northern Bites win money.
CNN coverage of RoboCup 2007 and an interview with Chown.
Some highlights from our world championship in 2007.
Discovery Channel Story on RoboCup 2009.

NBites 2 – Edinferno 3

We lost. They scored an own goal so technically they scored four times as much as we did in the game. We didn’t have fast enough reaction time and couldn’t move the ball around enough to keep control. We placed 3rd in our pool and were eliminated, but we did make it to the top 16 for the 7th year in a row and actually deserved it this time. Also we scored no own goals when other teams (including B-Human) have scored several. We’ll come back next year… Thanks to everyone for their support! Pictures and Video will be coming probably to our YouTube channel as well.